What happens in the 30th week of pregnancy?

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At week 30 of pregnancy, the unborn baby weighs about 1.5 kg and measures about 42 cm. In these last weeks of pregnancy, the unborn baby continues to exercise his movements and gestures and grimaces practicing.

The fetus tested respiratory movements and hiccups every day. Also continues to respond with reflex actions. These movements, which occur involuntarily, will be very useful for the baby at birth, and to help you adapt to the outside world.

30th week of pregnancy

The pregnant woman can experience discomfort such as itching in the gut. To soothe, moisturize recommended the area well.

Week 30 is a good time to slow the pace of life. Avoid stress help you enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy and childbirth!

 Fetal development in pregnancy week 30

To be born, the fetus has fitted upside down (head posture) in the neck of the womb. This placement of the baby usually occurs around the 30th week of pregnancy, although there are fetuses that fit before others.

 If fetuses are unable to fit your head in the neck of the uterus of the mother and head are placed in another position, it can cause a natural birth. Generally, you will need a cesarean.

Sometimes the cause, for which the fetus can not be fitted, is that it prevents some anatomical feature of the abdomen of the mother. In most cases, the fetus has maintained the position around week 30. The weight of the head and the lack of space inside the uterus make it very difficult to change positions.

 Symptoms of women in the 30th week of pregnancy

At week 30, the pregnant woman already has a very rounded belly. Therefore, the skin of his abdomen is very tense. This can cause itching in the gut. These are very annoying, but normal. It covers the area well hydrating.

 Due to the advanced state of pregnancy, is a good time to raise the pregnant reduces their lifestyle if they had not already. Must have time to relax, unwind and be pampered.

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